First Israeli Passport for New Olim Update:

According to a report by an Israeli radio station on Wednesday, Israel is planning to revoke an amendment to the law that allows new immigrants/Olim to obtain an Israeli passport immediately upon arrival with proof of settlement, instead of waiting for a year.
The reason for the change is due to a widespread phenomenon of people taking advantage of the law to obtain Israeli citizenship without any real connection to the state.
The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) had previously warned that this immediate issuing of passports could lead to abuse and harm the security of the state.

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The Population and Immigration Authority clarified that there is no significant change in policy and that Israel is actually returning to its previous policy from the 1960s.
Olim and new immigrants will now have to settle in Israel for a year before receiving a permanent passport, as part of their immigration/Aliyah process and desire to live in the country.

The 2017 amendment created loopholes that enabled the abuse of the law by those who did not intend to settle in Israel or criminal elements, according to the Population and Immigration Authority.

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