Aliyah eligibility: Understanding the Requirements:

Making Aliyah, or immigration to Israel is a dream for many Jews around the world. As a homeland for the Jewish people, Israel offers a unique opportunity for Jews to live in a country where their culture, religion, and traditions are celebrated. If you are considering making Aliyah, it is important to understand the eligibility requirements and the process for immigration. In this blog, we will explore who is eligible to make Aliyah to Israel and what you need to know before making the move.

Eligibility Requirements for Making Aliyah According to the Law of Return:

anyone who is Jewish or has a Jewish parent or grandparent is eligible to make Aliyah to Israel. This law provides a right of immigration to Jews and their families, regardless of where they live or their personal circumstances. However, there are a few other eligibility requirements that you must meet in order to make Aliyah to Israel.

      1. Proof of Jewish Heritage To make Aliyah, you must provide proof of your Jewish heritage. This can be a birth certificate or other documentation that shows that you were born to a Jewish mother or father. Alternatively, you can provide proof of conversion to Judaism, such as a certificate of conversion from a recognized Jewish community.
      2. Proof of Residence In addition to proof of Jewish heritage, you must also provide proof of your current residence. This can be a passport or other identification documents that show where you live and your current citizenship status.
      3. Health Requirements Before making Aliyah, you will also need to undergo a health examination. This examination is designed to ensure that you are in good health and do not pose a threat to public health.
      4. Criminal Background Check Finally, you will need to undergo a criminal background check to ensure that you have no criminal record. This is an important requirement to ensure that you can enter and live in Israel legally.

 *Additional conditions apply to all of the above categories. Please speak with your local shaliach or the Global Center to find out more about aliyah eligibility.
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