Here is a step-by-step list to make your Aliyah dream come true:

If you are thinking or considering making Aliyah and are unsure, scared, and don’t know what to do, you can rest easy!

We at Easy Landing are here to break down some steps for you to have a clearer picture of what to expect along the way… So buckle up, and let’s break it down:

Step number one:

Make contact with Nefesh B’Nefesh and begin going through their process and registration. During this process, they will begin by submitting your documents to the Ministry of Interior in Israel and validating your Aliya. (Be prepared for lots of scanning and emailing documents)

Step number two:

Contact us at Easy Landing for a free consultation and to meet each other in person! During this consultation, we want to hear about your Aliyah plans and requirements and answer all your questions.

The sole purpose of Easy Landing is to help each family/Individual and to make the process less stressful. We want to save you time and money by providing the most reliable service providers and agents to assist you with your requirements and requests.

Step number three:

(this step is highly recommended. However, not everyone does it, and it is not a requirement)

We suggest you come for a week or two to enjoy, scout and learn about life in Israel. During this stage, we at Easy Landing will guide you through the different cities, neighborhoods,s, and communities to ensure you make the best decisions for your and your family’s requirements.

We at Easy landing have reliable service providers in every sector so we can plan your trip from booking your flights, hotels, car rentals (private COVID-19 tests), and much more along the way.

Step number four:

After and once you are ready to go, we advise you to decide what belongings you are moving with you to Israel and what you are leaving behind or moving to storage. (It is important to note that houses in Israel are smaller, so you may want to move only part of your household belongings). We can assist you during this stage by advising you with a floor plan of your property and the relocation of your belongings in your new home (we can even provide an Interior designer for your requirements ahead of time to help with the planning of your new home).

Step number five:

We at Easy Landing will help you to find a reliable shipping company that would best meet your requirements, ensuring the safety of your belongings. As part of our service, we will receive the container in Israel, and together with the floor plan of your home, as per your requests, we will work with the movers to start set up of your new home for you, so by the time you arrive in Israel your house is ready, and you can already feel at home from day one. (We won’t unbox your shipment, but your belongings will be consolidated in the correct areas of the house as per your floor plan)

Step number six:

Make photocopies of all your medical and school records and keep them in a safe separate file. We recommend not shipping these and other important documents you may have. Instead, we suggest you keep them in your hand luggage while traveling to Israel.

In another separate file (to keep things organized), we suggest you scan all the documents from the “Jewish Agency” and all relevant documents relating to your Aliya. We also recommend traveling with this documentation in your hand luggage (should you be required to present it upon arrival).

Step number seven:

Once you have landed safely in Israel, we recommend that you discontinue any monthly subscription payments you have in your country of origin to ensure that you don’t lose any money on utilities you no longer require or use.

We also recommend ensuring that your original bank account and credit card allow foreign payments (especially to Israeli businesses) to ensure that you have access to your funds, as it will take a few days to get a local Israeli bank account set up and credit cards issued.

Step number eight:

With the importance of health insurance in today’s world, we suggest that already on your second or third day in Israel, without delay, you register for a local health insurance policy with Maccabi Health Insurance (they are a leading health insurance provider in Israel), so that all your local healthcare is covered and that in itself provides peace of mind.

Step number nine:

Start scheduling your appointments at the Ministry of Interior (to receive your ID cards- Teudot Zehut), Ministry of Aliya and Klita (Aliya and absorption to receive your absorption package), Ministry of travel (for your driver’s license conversion), your selected bank (to open an Israeli bank account and other service providers (Insurance brokers, handymen, WiFi and TV providers/ technicians). As part of our service at this stage, we will accompany you to your meetings, and we will manage the relevant service providers and technicians you may require.

Step number ten:

At this stage, we will assist you with translating letters, forms, and any other documentation you may have to complete. We will also assist you in initiating any payments you may have to make, and we will translate the transactions so you know what is being paid and to who.

The process doesn’t end here. However these are the main starting pointers, but you can rest assured that we at Easy Landing will assist and guide you throughout.

We will attend to all your queries and requests, ensuring your requirements are maintained at the highest level.

So, after reading all of this information, we are waiting to speak to you and to start planning your Aliya today!

Give us a call or email us so we can start by getting to know you and your requirements and accordingly lay out what services Easy Landing can provide you with to make your Aliya as stress-free as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to Israel and the Easy Landing family!

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